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As you join to play within the Spin & Play games, this is where you have the chance to be able to learn new strategies and make your way to earning the mega jackpot.

Do you have what it takes to earn the Mega Jackpot with Spin & Play? Introducing the buy-ins, jackpots, and what Spin & Play is: this guide will tell it all!

What is Spin & Play?

Introducing yourself into the realms of Spin & Play is when you’re able to win the mega jackpot.

Through the format of Spin & Play, this is a 3-player fast-paced in the Sit & Go format which features binds that increase every two minutes.

Of featuring a random draw, the prize pool will be set on a range which is between 2 times up to 1000 times the buy-in.

As the winnings are always higher than what you put in, this is where you can easily win through the big pots.

For the determination of the prize pool of a spin & play tournament is revealed by a big spinning wheel. It also depends on the buy-in you have chosen to play the tournament. As the game is played, the higher the buy-in, the bigger the pool prize.

What is the Buy-in for Spin & Play?

For each level which is varied and ranges from millions to billions of coins, you’re able to determine the winners and what you can get from this game.

Being super-fast games, this is where the showdown between the three players is placed.

Starting from a buy-in of 25,000 coins, this is through being able to play among the game for the chance to win 25 million coins. As you are able to progress through the different ranks of the game, this progresses to 250 million coined buy-in up to a jackpot of 250 billion coins.

Across the different levels of the game which you’re able to play, this is the buy-in and jackpot as you progress:


Tips When Playing Spin & Play

As you play Spin & Go through the different levels of buy-in which presents you with different levels of the jackpot, this is where these tips come to your advantage.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll be playing with those who are more skilled and experienced within the game mode of Spin & Play – this is why you need to be advantageous with these tips.

Level Up On Governor of Poker 3

Have Controlled Aggression

Being a common mistake and maybe a mistake for you, especially within the game of Spin & Go which presents the 3-minute blind levels.

Within this point, this is something that presents that you need to be able to take the initiative within the first few levels of the game.

However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be opening 100% of your range, but you need to be able to have controlled aggression amid your play.

Especially from the positions of the button and whilst you small blind, this is when you need to be able to deploy controlled aggression.

Through this, you’ll be able to understand your opponent quickly and understand how aggressive you need – through adjusting you can get this just right.

Push Or Fold

When you’re playing within Spin and Go, this brings the strategy of certain points in the game to be able to adapt and it enables you to be more strategic within your game.

With this being said, particularly if you have gone into the realms of 10 big blinds or less, this is when you’ll need to effectively move into a push-fold strategy.

Becoming familiar with the push or fold strategy is one of the pieces of information which will become advantageous to learn.

Through the push or fold strategy, this means that on the pre-flop you will either go all in or fold with 100% of the heads which you receive.

Through this piece, you’re never limping, never calling, and never raising. Through pushing or folding is where you can be strategic in this game mode.

GOP3 Spin & Play Game

2 Times, not 3 Times

Through playing Spin & Play, this is when you should move from the raise size of 3 times to 2 times. When the 2 times is presented, this is meant through 2 times as raising your big blind.

For instance, if the big blind is presented at 20, this is where you should raise it to 40 before the flop.

Usually, for the players who are presented in tournaments, these poker players will raise to 3 times pre-flop. However, the 2 times move is a much tricker one for your opponents in Spin & Go’s.

Players start with small stacks, and if a player is going to fold on 3 times bet pre-flop, then they are likely to fold on 2 times or 2.5 times instead.

With this being said, this is one of the players to be able to save your chips and utilize this method to be able to play even more games!

Governor of Poker Spin & Play

Where Can You Play Spin & Play?

If you want to progress through the different levels of buy-in for Spin & Go games, whilst on Governor of Poker 3, this is where you’re able to indulge yourself in these games!

As you join through PokerNews, you will be able to 30,000 free chips to start your journey with Spin & Go to become the Governor of Poker.

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