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As Luckyland Slots brings out this new slot for you to be able to take off with, this is another slot for you to enjoy whilst being able to grow your coins and experience points!

Being one of the new slots, you’re able to be one of the first to play and preview this brand-new experience.
In this guide, there are the game rules of this slot, in addition to the winning symbols, RTP, bonuses, and where you can play this slot.

What is the Wild Landing Slot?

Through the different slots which you utilize through Luckyland Slots, this is where you can use your skills to gain more coins and be able to level up.

Featuring the aviation theme through the different planes and related symbols, through levels of imagination to the slot – utilize the symbols to earn even more coins!

Playing across the five lines, this is a way to win! As you can win across different lines, the biggest win is the one you take home. Through many options and possibilities, this is how you win through the wild landing slot.

Wild Landing Game Rules

Across the 5 lines which you’re able to play against. Whilst you’re playing this slot, from the Wild winning symbol, this substitutes for all symbols except the Free symbol.

For the winning, this is determined from left to right except for the Free symbol. Across the five lines which you play, through the wins, the highest line win is the one that is paid.

When nudging the Wild symbolled activities, this is when landing on the top or bottom edge of the reel. This ranges and can be involved through the 5 lines of the wild landing reels.

However, with this being said, if you’re playing and there is a malfunction through the slot, this voids all pays and plays in action.

Wild Landing Winning Symbols

When you’re playing within the Wild Landing Slot, there is a variety of symbols and corresponding amounts that you’re able to win.
Depending on the amount, which is the total play, will determine the amount which you’re able to win.

For instance, if you’re betting with the total play at 100 coins, this will give you the maximum you can earn through the winning symbols are 2,000 coins. Whereas, if you’re playing at the max play at 200,000 coins – this is where you’re able to receive the winnings of 4,000,000 coins.

Winning Symbols Luckyland Slots

In addition to the other winning symbols, two other symbols can give you more coins and prizes which you’re able to gain.

Being one of the symbols, the wild substitutes for any symbol except Scatter, this is where you’re able to win from 5,000 coins if you’re betting 100 all the way through to 10,000,000 coins if you’re playing the max score at 200,000 coins.

As well, once three symbols appear on the reel, this will trigger the Free Spins.

Among the symbols, if you hit two, you’ll get 200,000 coins and for three symbols, you’ll get 1,000,000 coins – this is presented once you’re betting a total play of 200,000. These decreases are based on the total amount down to a 1,000-coin bet.

Winning Symbols Luckyland Slots

Wild Landing Free Spin Feature

As you’re playing the Wild Landing Slot, with the free feature being a possibility within the game – this is something you can win!

With a free symbol, this is awarded when 3 of them are in view. In addition, more ‘Wild’ symbols can be added to the reel for the Feature – this is another bonus within the slot!

For the additional feature, this can be added when played in three different modes which are:

  • 6 Free Spins with all Wins 5 times
  • 10 Free Spins with all Wins 3 times
  • 15 Free Spins with all Wins twice

When you’ve used the Wild feature, you don’t need to worry about this. This is because the feature can be retriggered.

As well, the free spins are presented with the same coin value which triggered the Feature – you don’t need to worry about this changing!

Free Spin Feature

Wild Landing Winning Lines

As you’re able to play across the different symbols, and features that enable you to win free spins, coins and so much more.

One of these features which you need to know about to be able to know if you’ve won your spin or not is through the winning lines.

Across the 5 winning levels, once you know the difference between the different options this is when you can determine your winnings before the slot has even stopped spinning!

Wild Landing Slot Winning Lines

Wild Landing RTP

Being the Return to Player, this is listed as a percentage and determines the theoretical amount that the slot machines should pay back to you, the player, based on the amount you play.

Between the Wild Landing slot and the other slots which you play on Luckyland Slots, playing the games with a higher return to play percentage is when you have a higher chance of being able to win the slots!

On Luckyland Slots, being presented with the slots which you’re able to play have a theoretical RTP of between 90% and 96%.

Where to Play Wild Landing?

If you want to indulge yourself in this new slot which is featured on Luckyland Slots – this is where you take the chance to win even more coins.

Through being able to play free slots to win cash prizes, immerse yourself into Wild Landing, and take off with this slot!

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