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On Friday, Day 1b of the 2022 Wynn Millions, a $10,000 buy-in, $10,000,000 GTD tournament, kicked off at Noon local time at Wynn Las Vegas. Elvis Toomas knew what he was going to do in the first hand even before the cards were dealt.

You see, Toomas recently lost a prior last-longer prop bet with girlfriend Christina Gollins, which meant he had to move all in blind in the first hand.

PokerNews was there to capture the hand on video:

In Level 1, with the blinds at 100/200/200, the action folded to Toomas on the button, who kept his word and promptly pushed his stack of 40,000 chips in the middle for a 200x raise.

It only took a few seconds for Kristopher Templeman in the small blind to follow suit and commit his full stack to the middle, while the big blind folded.

Elvis Toomas: {j-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}
Kristopher Templeman: {k-Spades}{k-Clubs}

It was bad news for Toomas as his jack-eight had run smack into the cowboys of Templeman.

The flop of {4-Spades}{9-Hearts}{5-Spades} did not help Toomas and the runout of {4-Hearts}{3-Hearts} sealed his fate as the first player out on Day 1b.

Gollins, meanwhile, is playing a tighter style and sits a few tables away from where her other half busted.

It’s already been a wild start for the 2022 Wynn Millions and it’s just getting started. The tournament will run through March 11 and PokerNews will be there every step of the way to capture the action, just like we were last year when we caught the famous “Wynn Millions Massacre” hand.

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