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Joao Simao enjoyed a profitable tournament session at GGPoker on Sunday after taking down not one but two high stakes bounty events. Simao’s brace of victories resulted in his lifetime winnings increase by a $35,735.

Victory number one came in the $630 Super Six High Roller, where 104 players fought it out at the GGPoker virtual felt for a slice of the $75,000 prize pool. High buy-in tournaments always attract some of the world’s best players, and this event was no different; just check out the talent on show at the final table.

Niklas Astedt was the first finalist heading for the rail and he was joined in the role of spectator first by Ramiro Petrone then by China’s Guoliang “SPARK1207” Wei, Dario Sammartino, and Aleks “JutsaMortal” Dimitrov.

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Fourth place went to Leon “Rumuku!us” Sturm, and heads-up was set when “takemeaway” fell in third.

Heads-up pitted Simao against Nick Maimone for the lion’s share of the prize pool. Maimone fell at the final hurdle and collected $10,250, with Simao capturing a total prize worth $15,754.

$630 Super Six HR Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
1Joao SimaoBrazil$9,005$6,749$15,754
2Nick MaimoneCanada$3,510$6,740$10,250
4Leon “Rumuku!us” SturmAustria$330$4,508$4,838
5Aleks “JutsaMortal” DimitrovMacedonia$1,192$3,686$4,878
6Dario SammartinoAustria$815$3,013$3,828
7Guoliang “SPARK1207” WeiChina$1,065$2,464$3,529
8Ramiro PetroneUruguay$2,192$2,014$4,206
9Niklas AstedtSweden$761$1,647$2,408

Simao Smashes the Sunday High Rollers Heater

Joao Simao
Joao Simao

Simao got his hands on another top prize by coming out on top of a 66-strong field in the $1,050 Sunday High Rollers Heater. Again, the final table was a star-studded affair, and again Simao came out on top.

“Driekus888” and Michael Addamo‘s time at the final table was limited, and the waters grew less shark-infested with the eliminations of Zhao Zi long, Daniel “croce 61” Croce, and Chris Klodnicki.

Simao found himself heads-up against Lars “Babyccino” Nystedt after Aleksandr “[email protected]” Kirichenko crashed out in third. The hot-running Simao relieved Nystedt of his stack and banked a $199,81 top prize, leaving Nystedt to console himself with a $10,578 payout.

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$1,050 Sunday High Rollers Heater Bounty Turbo Final Table Results

PlacePlayerCountryBountiesPrizeTotal Prize
1Joao SimaoBrazil$11,881$8,100$19,981
2Lars “Babyccino” NystedtAustria$2,487$8,091$10,578
3Aleksandr “[email protected]” KirichenkoRussia $6,650$6,650
4Chris KlodnickiCanada$1,506$5,463$6,969
5Daniel “croce 61” CroceBrazil$950$4,488$5,438
6Zhao Zi LongHong Kong $3,687$3,687
7Michael AddamoHong Kong$900$3,029$3,929

Other GGPoker Results

Joris Ruijs
Joris Ruijs

Simao was not the only GGPoker player to win two events on the same evening because Dutch star Joris Ruijs also won two tournaments on October 16. Ruijs took down the $840 Sunday Superstack for $26,050 and followed that impressive result up by winning the $210 Sunday Heater Special Edition for an additional $20,080.

A shout-out must go to the two players who turned their initial investments into six-figure scores. “mrsfppmaker” won the $525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event for a cool $138,430, while “UrineTrouble” triumphed in the $1,050 GGMasters High Rollers for $123,513.

TournamentEntrantsPrize PoolChampionPrize
$525 Bounty Hunters HR Main Event2,530$1,265,000mrsfppmaker$138,430*
$1,050 GGMasters High Rollers880$880,000UrineTrouble$123,513
$1,050 Sunday High Rollers Main Event576$576,000UncrownedK$77,883
$150 GGMasters3,717$512,946BlackMamba4Life$58,424
$5,250 Bounty Hunters Super High Roller26$130,000Zhao Zi Long$57,795*
$315 GGMasters Bounty Special1,508$452,400Luan “I Hate You” Barbosa$46,681*
$210 Sunday Big Game2,038$407,600Mats “lockdownmode” Ullereng$36,890*
$250 Sunday Main Event1,133$260,590SensitivePea$31,826
$1,050 Sunday Omaholic Main Event121$121,000KurisuKyouma$26,472*
$840 Sunday Superstack HR188$150,400Joris Ruijs$26,050*
$315 Battle of Marathon589$176,700Daniel Custodio$24,631*
$150 Sunday Grand Prix1,834$261,345URJH19$24,460*
$888 Sunday Crazy Eights120$101,232Stevan Chew$23,445
$525 Bounty Hunter HR Encore225$112,500Nikita Kuznetsov$21,289*
$210 Sunday Heater Special Edition750$150,000Joris Ruijs$20,080*
$250 Sunday Saver399$91,770Nicolas “Mcdanadinho” Coppini$18,793

*includes bounty payments

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