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Unibet Poker has made the biggest changes to its multi-table tournament schedule in years following feedback from its loyal players, and is celebrating the revamped tournament schedule with €100,000 worth of leaderboard prizes over the coming weeks. Rather than tweak the existing schedule, the Unibet Poker management team has rebuilt it from scratch, increasing guarantees, lowering rake, and creating some exciting new events.

Guarantees have increased across the board. There are now tournaments with €4,000, €5,000, €6,000, and €10,000 daily, with plans to increase those guarantees if the Unibet Poker community supports the tournaments.

There is every chance those new tournaments will be well-supported, partly because Unibet Poker has lowered the rake on all of its MTTs, and claims to now have the lowest tournament fees anywhere online. For example, all bounty tournaments now have rake of between 4.5 and 4.8%.

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Another welcome change is geared towards the site’s swathe of recreational grinders. Unibet Poker aims to have all of its daily majors done and dusted by 1:00 a.m. CET, meaning those who go deep in these events can still log off and enjoy a solid night’s sleep before heading into work the following day.

Lastly, there are more bounty tournaments and far fewer tournaments where players can purchase an add-on. In a Unibet poker Community post, a Unibet representative explained how the addon format puts recreational players at a disadvantage because they are less likely to have bankroll large enough to support purchasing the add-on. Furthermore, the format promotes players to register as late as possible, something that is not good for the health of the tournament or the ecology of the poker site.

Majors Look Set To Be A Major Hit

The refreshed Unibet Poker Tournament lobby is now easier to navigate thanks to a new colour coding system. Daily Majors, which also have major in their name, are clearly displayed in red, for example.

The excellently names €7,500 Slobberknocker is a €100 buy-in PKO tournament that starts at 7:05 p.m. GMT, an hour later than the €10,000 Title Fight, which is a €50 buy-in PKO affair. All majors cost between €5 and €100, with the €20,000 Supernova continuing in its role as the flagship event on the schedule.

Time (GMT)TournamentBuy-in
4:05 p.m.€2,500 Ironman€10
5:05 p.m.€3,000 Stack€25
5:05 p.m.€1,500 Battle Royale€5
5:30 p.m.€1,000 Ice Age€10
6:05 p.m.€10,000 Title Fight€100
6:05 p.m.€1,500 Ten-Spot€10
6:30 p.m.€1,500 Omaha Wrap€25
7:05 p.m.€7,500 Slobberknocker€100
7:05 p.m.€5,000 Battleground€25
7:05 p.m.€1,500 Tower€5
8:05 p.m.€5,000 Fofty€50
8:05 p.m.2,500 Cage€10
9:05 p.m.€4,000 Bullet€25
9:05 p.m.€1,250 Brawl€5
10:05 p.m.€1,500 Session Saver€10

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€100,000 Given Away Via The Exciting Leaderboards

Until January 1, 2023, there are weekly leaderboards with €10,000 worth of prizes up for grabs. The Low leaderboard is reserved for MTTs with buy-ins of €5 and €10, with the High Leaderboard featuring tournaments costing €25-€100 to enter. An overall leaderboard pays out in a winner-takes-all format! €6,000 is reserved for the High leaderboard, €2,500 for the low, and €1,500 as a winner-takes-all overall leaderboard.

Your best eight results count for the high, your best 10 for the low, and your best 20 results for the overall leaderboard.

Points are earned using the formula shown below.


  • n= Number of players
  • k= your finishing position
  • b= fixed buy-in (low=1, high=5)

Low Leaderboard (€5-€10) Payouts

PlacePayout (LPs)Value

High Leaderboard (€25-€100) Payouts

PlacePayout (LPs)Value

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Get In On The Unibet Poker Tournament Action

Signing up to Unibet Poker via PokerNews entitles you to a welcome bonus worth up to €200. This bonus is released into your account when you reach certain rake milestones, which means you’re constantly receiving more money as you play.

Once you rake €2 at the cash game tables or any tournament (or a combination of both), Unibet Poker places a €1 cash reward in your account. Rake €10 and an additional €4 cash is all yours. Once you’ve raked a total of €800, you’ll have received €200 in your account, equivalent to 25% cashback, which is a pretty sweet deal.

LevelRakeCash rewardReward %

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