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Posted on: March 7, 2022, 08:27h. 

Last updated on: March 7, 2022, 08:27h.

Criminal investigators in Cambodia have an interesting case on their hands. They have to figure out how a man fell to his death from the Crown Casino complex in Poipet, which may be tied to organized crime.

Genting Crown Casino Poipet
The Genting Crown Casino in Poipet, Cambodia. A recent suicide by someone within the complex where the casino is located may have been a desperate attempt to escape illegal activity. (Image: Asia Gaming Brief)

Genting Crown Casino in Poipet, Cambodia, will have to prepare itself for the presence of police officers and investigators for at least the next few weeks. Last Thursday, a Thai national died in the same compound where the gaming property is found.

Tragic Death in Poipet

There’s something going on in Poipet that might lead to a major criminal case. A 19-year-old’s death will garner a lot of unwanted attention. Based on initial interviews, the man died under suspicious conditions, which will only pique investigators’ interests more.

Mesa Suisen was reportedly working as a marketing assistant for the Crown Casino. However, his marketing work may not have been for the benefit of the casino, according to VOD English. Instead, he could have been supporting illegal activity.

Last Thursday, Suisen plummeted 11 stories to his death. Media coverage indicates that police feel it was a suicide because they couldn’t find any signs of suspicious activity.

Suisen’s alleged roommates told police that he had been acting strangely for a few days prior to the incident. At one point, he apparently saw “flying insects” in front of him that weren’t really there.

While suicide is the primary determination, the cause may have something to do with a housing scam, explains the media outlet. It adds that there have been warnings circulating on Thai social media, telling Thai nationals to avoid the housing because of shady and questionable operations.

Human Trafficking Rampant in Cambodia

Poipet and Sihanoukville both have dubious pasts that involve highly suspect activity. Criminal gangs lure foreigners, mostly from Thailand and China, with false job postings, only to turn them into virtual slaves.

One such individual recently surfaced, claiming he was held hostage and tortured for over six weeks. Authorities have questioned the authenticity of his claims, but he’s not alone.

Forced labor and human trafficking are common occurrences in some parts of Cambodia, even as the country works to clean up its image. In some cases, investigators believe there may be a link between the activity and Kok An, a legislator and the chairman of the company behind the Genting Crown casino, according to VOD English.

Those who fall for the scam have to participate in different activities, from phone fraud to illegal gambling and from prostitution to acting as drug mules. Hundreds, if not thousands, have been in the same position as Suisen.

Some have considered suicide. Some have ended up in shallow graves with their hands tied behind their backs. Others disappear forever, while a fortunate few find freedom.

Humanitarian Crisis With No Resolution

The issue is now an international humanitarian crisis; it’s no longer just a small, localized criminal concern. Currently, those doing most of the rescuing are volunteer groups – governments are burying their heads in the sand. Despite some Chinese victims providing proof to Chinese police and the Chinese Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, the country continues to ignore the situation.

Locally, in Cambodia, there doesn’t seem to be an end to how deep the organizations run. VOD English highlights a complex network of businesses and names that spans multiple countries, involving criminals, powerful business leaders and political figures.

To them, it must be nothing more than another day at the office. To most civilized and intelligent people, however, the actions are barbaric and uncivilized. Hopefully, enough public support and pressure will emerge to finally put these individuals in their place.

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