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The Short Deck Series reaches its conclusion this weekend on Natural8! With over $1,000,000 in guaranteed prize pools spread across 72 tournaments, with buy-ins that range from $52.50 to $10,300, the festival has been a great success.

With such a wide range of buy-ins, players of all bankrolls will be able to take part in the series.

Final Weekend of Short Deck Action

The highlight of the series has to be the popular $525 Bounty Main Event that comes with $200,000 GTD and the $52.50 Bounty Mini Main Event that comes with $100,000 GTD. There will be multiple Stage 1s for both tournaments. In fact, for the $525 Main Event, there will be 25 Stage 1s, whereas, for the $52.50 Mini Main Event, there will be 32 Stage 1s. To sweeten the pot, since the two tournaments are held in the progressive knockout format, players will not only be competing for the cash prizes but also for the bounties.

High rollers can also look forward to the series, with a $10,300 buy-in Super High Roller on Sunday with 3 stacks in play.

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How Does Short Deck Work?

For those new to the Short Deck-style game and who wish to try it out, Short Deck is a poker variant that is very similar to the classic Texas Hold’em. Everyone is dealt two cards, and there are five community cards on the table where players have to make the best hand to win.

There are, however, a few key differences. In Short Deck, the cards 2 to 5 are removed, so the deck only has 36 cards instead of the usual 52. Since cards 2 to 5 have been removed, players can make a straight using A-6-7-8-9. Furthermore, the probability of hitting a Flush also becomes lower. Hence, in Short Deck, a Flush always beats a Full House.

Why Play Short Deck?

For players who are looking for something new and exciting, the Short Deck will definitely give you a run of your money. After all, what used to be a certain win may not be that certain in this poker variant.

Since the smaller deck changes the possibilities of certain hands being made, this means that, to win, players will need stronger postflop hands than what they usually need in a classic Texas Hold’em game. Not to mention, the smaller deck also means that the possibility of a player being dealt pocket Aces is twice as high, as well as the possibility of making a set. Therefore, players will have to always be on alert even when they think they have a good hand.

Natural8 Short Deck Series Schedule

DateDayTime (UTC)Time (HKT)EventBuy-inGuarantee
2/26Sat10:3018:30Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/26Sat11:0019:00Short Deck Asia Special $88 [3-Stack]$88$5,000
2/26Sat11:3019:30Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Stage 1]$525$200,000
2/26Sat12:0020:00Short Deck Bounty $52.50$52.50$3,500
2/26Sat13:3021:30Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/26Sat13:0021:00Short Deck Daily Special $125 [3-Stack]$125$5,000
2/26Sat14:0022:00Short Deck Bounty High Roller $1,050$1,050$20,000
2/26Sat14:0022:00Short Deck Bounty $105$105$4,000
2/26Sat14:3022:30Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Stage 1]$525$200,000
2/26Sat15:0023:00Short Deck High Roller $1,500 [3-Stack]$1,500$25,000
2/26Sat15:0023:00Short Deck Daily Main $250 [3-Stack]$250$6,000
2/26Sat16:3000:30 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/26Sat16:0000:00 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Closer $210$210$3,000
2/26Sat17:3001:30 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Stage 1]$525$200,000
2/26Sat19:3003:30 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun08:3016:30Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Stage 1]$525$200,000
2/27Sun08:3016:30Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun10:3018:30Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun11:0019:00Short Deck Asia High Roller $888 [3-Stack]$888$20,000
2/27Sun11:0019:00Short Deck Asia Special $88 [3-Stack]$88$10,000
2/27Sun11:3019:30Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Stage 1]$525$200,000
2/27Sun12:0020:00Short Deck Bounty $52.50$52.50$5,000
2/27Sun12:3020:30Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Stage 1]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun13:0021:00Short Deck Sunday Special $125 [3-Stack]$125$8,000
2/27Sun14:0022:00Short Deck Bounty High Roller $1,050$1,050$25,000
2/27Sun14:0022:00Short Deck Bounty $105$105$8,000
2/27Sun14:3022:30Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Last Chance]$525$200,000
2/27Sun14:3022:30Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Last Chance]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun15:0023:00Short Deck Sunday High Roller $1,500 [3-Stack]$1,500$30,000
2/27Sun15:0023:00Short Deck Sunday Main $250 [3-Stack]$250$15,000
2/27Sun16:0000:00 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Turbo $210$210$8,000
2/27Sun16:0000:00 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Last Minute]$525$200,000
2/27Sun16:0000:00 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Last Minute]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun17:3001:30 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Main Event $525 [Final Stage]$525$200,000
2/27Sun17:3001:30 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Mini Main $52.50 [Final Stage]$52.50$100,000
2/27Sun20:0004:00 (+1)Short Deck Super High Roller $10,300 [3-Stack]$10,300$100,000
2/27Sun20:3004:30 (+1)Short Deck Bounty Super High Roller $5,250$5,250$75,000

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