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The poker world can often be a confusing one, even if you already know how to play poker. You can read as many poker strategy articles and books as you like, but it’s always an intimidating moment when you don’t quite understand the meaning of a certain word or phrase.

There are certainly many eclectic and confusing poker terms that make poker such an exciting game, and PokerNews is here to explain seven of them to you.

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Every one wants to figure out what their opponent is thinking or what they’re going to do next at the table, which is why having a read is so important. Reading your opponent takes place in many ways, by looking at their body language or the way they place their chips in front of them, but essentially it’s analyzing a player based on how they play, their mannerisms and their tells.

Here are some common poker tells with some advice on how to read people.


Most casinos take a rake from their cash games, and this is a portion of the chips taken from a pot as a sort of fee. In February 2022, Encore Boston Harbor had increased its rake upon reopening to 10% rake up to $10 per hand. That means that the casino would take 10% of every pot, up to a maximum of $10. For example, if the pot is $120 then the casino would take the maximum of $10. If the pot was $85 they would take $8.50.


Rainbow, or more commonly a rainbow board, is a term used in both No-Limit Hold’em and Omaha to refer to a flop containing three different suits. This means that no flush can be completed on the turn.


There’s nothing funner than runner-runner as the old saying goes. This saying describes a backdoor draw that has been completed using both the turn and the river. For example, “He made a runner-runner flush to beat my flopped trips”

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Rolled Up

This is arguably one of the strongest positions to be in on fourth street in seven-card stud. Being rolled up means that you have been dealt three of a kind with your first three cards,.


“Did you have it?”

“I’m sorry John, I don’t remember.”

Arguably the most famous poker film there is, Rounders (1998) features Matt Damon and Edward Norton as a pair of rounders – poker players who travel around games playing poker for a living.

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Run Good

Pure and simple, running good is playing well and winning hands. These might be through luck or skill, but all that matters is the chips coming your way.


  • It’s time for another Poker Terms Explained from PokerNews featuring reads, run good and, of course, Rounders!

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