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Retro Week came to a thrilling conclusion at 888poker on March 28 with the crowning of the Main Event champion. The Main Event was a $215 buy-in $300,000 guaranteed Mega Deep tournament that drew in a crowd of 1,487 players across a raft of starting flights. When the curtain came down on the final table and the dust had settled, Malta’s “omgLUNAAA” was the last player standing. Their reward? Bragging rights and a bankroll-boosting $41,430.

Retro Week #24 – $300,000 Mega Deep Main Event Final Table Results

5Hodor83United Kingdom$12,180

Finland’s “tahlberg” was the first finalist heading for the sidelines after a battle of the blinds against “9salute46” did not go to plan. tahlberg completed their small blind with eight-seven, and 9salute46 checked in the big blind with king-five of clubs. The flop came down with a seven and two clubs, giving both players something. tahlberg led for one big blind which was called. The jack of clubs turn improved 9salute46 to a flush; the action on the turn was the exact same as on the flop. An offsuit seven completed the board, improving talhberg to trip sevens, although it would become an expensive second-best hand. tahlberg bet two big blinds before calling off the 4.6 big blinds they had behind when 9salute46 shoved all-in.

“ALLin_Ranger” of Germany was the next player eliminated. The action folded to then in middle position and they committed their 9.1 big blind stack with pocket sevens. “AcidAbscorbic” reshoved to isolate with ace-king, and it was off to the races. A king on the flop ended the tournament of the German.

Seventh-place and $6,810 went to 9salute46 who open-shoved for 9.7 big blinds from the small blind with seven-six of spades. omgLUNAAA snap-called in the big blind with ace-king of clubs. Both players improved to a pair on the flop with 9salute46 catching two pair on the turn. However, an ace on the river gifted omgLUNAAA a superior two pair, and 9salute46 was gone.

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Everyone Locks Up a Five Figure Score

The final four figure prize of the evening went to sixth-place finisher “RespectUA” of Ukraine. The Ukrainian busted on the very next hand after 9salute46 bowed out. Everyone folded to omgLUNAAA in the small blind and they moved all-in for 15.1 big blinds effective. RespectUA called with ace-king and found themselves ahead of jack-nine of hearts. That only remained true until the flop where omgLUNAAA hit two pair. RespectUA hit a king on the turn but it was too little too late for them.

United Kingdom’s “Hodor83” saw their tournament end in a fifth-place finish worth $12,180. They were behind from start to finish against omgLUNAAA, backing into two pair on the river with their king-eight only for omgLUNAAA to be sat there with ace-queen for a Broadway straight.

After losing three players in consecutive hands play continued at a frantic pace, and the final table lost another player within the next 20 minutes. AcidAbscorbic looked down at ace-king and moved all-in for 4.7 big blinds from the small blind, and omgLUNAAA called with ace-six from the big blind. A six on the flop resigned AcidAbscorbic to a $16,470 payday, and catapulted omgLUNAAA to the top of the chip counts with 93.4 big blinds, compared to the 47.2 big blind stack of “Gaby2008” and the 8.1 big blind short stack of “ProffiAB”

Unsurprisingly, ProffiAB was the next player heading to the showers. Gaby2008 raised to 2.1 big blinds and called when ProffiAB jammed in their last 9.7 big blinds. ProffiAB showed pocket jacks, which lost to the ace-queen of Gaby2008 courtesy of a queen on the flop. ProffiAB took home $22,230 for their third-place finish, a remarkable result when you consider what is happening in their native Ukraine right now.

omgLUNAAA held a near two-to-one chip lead over Gaby2008 and they never relinquished that advantage. The final hand took place when Gaby2008 raised to four big blinds with ace-king, and omgLUNAAA called with king-nine. A nine on flop gave a major advantage to omgLUNAAA and they checked. Gaby2008 moved all-in for the 27.2 big blinds they had behind, and omgLUNAAA beat them into the pot with a call. Both the turn and river bricked, leaving Gaby2008 to collect the $30,240 runner-up prize while omgLUNAAA scooped the title and $41,430 in prize money.

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Complete 888poker Retro Week Results

EventBuy-inEntrantsPrize poolChampionPrize
#1 – $25,000 Big Fish$331,157$34,710E.D.I.T.H$5,373
#2 – $100,000 Sunday Challenge$901,363$111,766liviu_hzn$16,330
#3 – $15,000 Catfish$16.50961$15,000penfolds6$2,123
#4 – $50,000 Whale$525117$58,500Peter “kiskutya23” Traply$14,414
#5 – $15,000 Lightning PKO 6-Max$109276$27,600Kabosu69$5,743*
#6 – $10,000 Monday Twins 1$22587$11,740andrzn$2,147
#7 – $10,000 Monday Twins 2$22553$11,060VERYPOTATO$2,023
#8 – $10,000 Breeze PKO$55259$12,950Vlaaad25$2,678*
#9 – $30,000 Tuesday Challenge Freezeout$109242$30,000Christy1979$6,081
#10 – $20,000 Monsoon 8-Max$55388$20,000ItalianPorn$3,900
#11 – $10,000 Catfish PKO$16.50691$10,365abit23$1,739
#12 – $7,000 Blowfish$11787$7,870PVMMacedo$1,285
#13 – $20,000 Wednesday Challenge$33676$20,28006jecaeS$3,508
#14 – $15,000 Monsoon PKO$55407$20,350Pulgetti$3,535
#15 – $20,000 Hurricane PKO$109289$28,900N33dCoaching$6,533*
#16 – $20,000 Thursday Challenge R&A$22552$20,000Flavours888$3,658
#17 – $10,000 Breeze 6-Max$55285$14,250IHaveAsthma$3,277
#18 – $30,000 Friday Challenge KO$109325$32,500DjingizXan$5,265*
#19 – $20,000 Big Fish PKO$55706$21,180samsugas$3,161*
#20 – $10,000 Cat Fish 6-Max$16.50697$10,455Elionikos$2,023
#21 – $12,000 Swordfish 6-Max$33404$12,120Setlosch$2,666
#22 – $30,000 Saturday Challenge PKO 8-Max$33591$30,000Sizzlinbetta$4,946*
#23 – $15,000 Tornado PKO$88208$16,640d5t6y7$3,064*
#24 – $300,000 Mega Deep (Main Event)$2151,487$300,000omgLUNAAA$41,430
#25 – $50,000 Mini Mega Deep$331,734$52,020Iperenoei13$7,184
#26 – $50,000 Whale$525102$51,000FoldestJaEh$14,050

*includes bounty payments

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