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Posted on: February 28, 2022, 08:25h. 

Last updated on: February 28, 2022, 10:28h.

A pub in New South Wales will pay a huge fine for manipulating gambling machines after a former employee told authorities what was going on. However, her actions also cost her because of her involvement.

Rose and Crown
The Rose and Crown in New South Wales, Australia is a popular spot for locals. However, it also ran shady operations for at least a year that caught the eye of gaming regulators. (Image:

Some employees will do anything to make some extra money. That must have been the motivation behind the actions of the former general manager of the Rose and Crown Hotel in Parramatta, New South Wales (NSW). However, things didn’t go according to plan.

Revenge-Seeking Scammer

Samantha Glynn reportedly began manipulating gaming machines in 2017 and kept at it until the following year. She altered the machines’ payout system, reducing the value of credit tickets and creating false tickets as well. In the end, she was able to scam $400,000 (US$289,920), according to Australian Associated Press.

When the property found out, they let her go. However, she decided to exact revenge and tattled on the Rose and Crown to Liquor and Gaming NSW. She accused the property of violating a slew of regulations and was undoubtedly happy when her accusations led to an investigation.

However, Glynn didn’t count on one thing. In outing her former employer, she also put herself in the spotlight. The Rose and Crown led authorities back to Glynn for her theft, and she was handed an “intensive correction order” of 18 months. The sentence is essentially community service, but it is the “most serious sentence that can be served in the community,” according to NWS’s Parole Authority.

Rose And Crown Receives Major Fine

The Rose and Crown definitely got it worse than Glynn. The investigation determined that there were a number of violations committed at the property. Ultimately, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA) and the NSW police took part in uncovering what was going on.

The investigation determined that the property extensively violated the terms of its license agreement. It put signage and gambling machines where they could be visible to the outside, it served alcohol and kept the machines turned on outside established trading hours on certain days and didn’t give contact cards to players.

Most of those would be considered fairly innocent offenses, but things get worse. The hotel gave cash advances to be used for gambling disguised as hotel purchases and offered loans directly from the property’s safe.

The investigation determined that the hotel advanced at least $145,000 (US$105,096). For all of its failings, the ILGA fined the property and several associated with significant penalties.

The company that held the property’s licensee, RC One Pty Ltd, received a fine of $107,358 (US$77,759). Paul Lamkin, listed as the property’s manager and the holder of the license, can’t work as an “approved manager” in a hotel or receive a casino license for a year. He will also have to pay a fine of $10,000 (US$7,245). Camkin and two others, Jason Marlow and Damien Kelly will have to cover the costs of the investigation as well.

The Rose and Crown are still in operation but under different management.

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