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Dominykas Mikolaitis sat down at the GGPoker Super MILLION$ final table with a colossal chip lead, one so vast that his stack contained almost twice as many chips as anyone else. Unsurprisingly, Mikolaitis walked away with the title of champion and with the $428,624 top prize in tow, but it was almost a completely different story.

You see, Mikolaitis navigated his way to the heads-up stage of this $10,300 tournament here he found himself up against “Memukul” of Austria. Memukul’s stack at the final table was a mere 517,616 or 10.4 big blinds. Compare that to Mikolaitis’ 7,330,865 (146.6 big blinds) final table stack and you can see why it was surprising to see the Austrian at the business end of the event.

Here’s how the final table went down.

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Super MILLION$ Season 2 Episode 32 Final Table Results

1Dominykas MikolaitisPoland$428,624
3Manuel “OPPikachu” FischerAustria$254,861
4Andras NemethHungary$196,525
5Stephen ChidwickAustria$151,541
6Dalton “morgota” HoboldBrazil$116,854
7Yuri DzieivelevskiBrazil$90,107
8Pandora-boxHong Kong$69,482
9Weiran PuChina$53,578

Stephen Chidwick was another short stack when the final table action commenced. However, he doubled through Mikolaitis with ace-king versus ace-queen. “Memukul” then won a coinflip with jack-ten versus Andras Nemeth’s pocket sevens to climb to a shade under 1.1 million chips, but he still had plenty of work to do.

Weiran Pu was the first of the nine finalists to bow out. Pu saw Nemeth make it 132,000 from the button and decided to three-bet all-in for 532,700 from the small blind with ace-six. Nemeth called with king-queen and won the hand courtesy of improving to two pair by the river.

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Hong Kong’s “Pandora-box” was the next player out of the door, crashing out in eighth-place for a $69,482 addition to their bankroll. Their exit hand began with a raise to 126,000 with ace-king from the hijack, Mikolaitis three-bet to 354,000 on the button with ace-four, which Pandora-box called. Pandora-box check-called a tiny 150,000 continuation-bet on the king-high flop, leading to a deuce on the turn, which gave Mikolaitis a gutshot draw to a wheel. Pandora-box check-called a 288,000 bet on the turn, and the river came a five, gifting Mikolaitis his unlikely straight. Pandora-box checked again and called off their 1,021,218 stack when Mikolaitis set them all-in.

Ace-king was not kind to Yuri Dzivielevski either because his lost to the ace-seven of Mikolaitis. Dzivielevski min-raised to 120,000 on the button with ace-king, and Mikolaitis called in the big blind with ace-seven. Both players checked the queen-seven-four flop, leading to an ace on the turn. Mikolaitis check-raised a 241,875 bet to 600,000, and Dzivielevski called. A jack on the river was greeted by a shove from Mikolaitis, and Dzivielevski called off his stack, which was essentially a pot-sized bet.

Dzivielevski’s fellow Brazilian, Dalton “morgota” Hobold was the next out of the door and was the first finalist to reel in a six-figure haul. Hobold had less than ten big blinds when Dzivielevski crashed out and only eight big blinds when he three-bet shoved with pocket jacks from the big blind after Manuel “OPPikachu” Fischer opened in the cutoff. Fischer called with ace-six, spiked an ace on the flop and reduced the player count by one.

The final five became four when Chidwick ran out of steam. Mikolaitis min-raised to 140,000 from under the gun with ace-nine and instantly called when Chidwick ripped in his 642,125 stack on the button with ace-eight. Both player paired their kicker on the flop but Chidwick was still behind. No help arrived on the turn or river, and the United Kingdom’s biggest poker winner fell by the wayside.

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Two-time Super MILLION$ champion Andras Nemeth was the next player heading to the showers. Nemeth was down to 11 big blinds when he three-bet shoved his ace-four of clubs over the top of small blind raise from Memukul. The latter called and showed a pair of nines in the hole, which held on a double-paired board.

Heads-up was set soon after when Fischer busted. Fischer had only a few hands early lost a massive coinflip with pocket nines against the ace-jack of Memukul. He lost the rest of his stack, all 12 big blinds to the same player when his ace-trey failed to get there against king-five in a battle of the blinds.

Mikolaitis held a lead of more than two-to-one going into heads-up against the player who started the evening with a shade over ten bigs. Memukul almost drew level at one stage, but the epic comeback was not meant to be.

The final hand took place at the 100,000/200,000/25,000a level, and saw Memukul limp for 200,000 before calling all-in for 2,703,592 when Mikolaitis set him all-in. It was ace-jack for Memukul against the dominated ace-five, but Mikolaitis turned a wheel to take down the latest edition of the Super MILLION$.

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