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New scratch-off game to commemorate the world’s first instant game will look familiar

By Kate Northrop

The Massachusetts Lottery is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its introduction of the world’s first instant game with the launch of a scratch-off ticket that calls back to the original one sold in 1974.

Massachusetts lottery players will get a taste for the original scratch-off lottery ticket that made its debut 50 years ago with a new honorary instant game of the same name.

On May 29, 1974, the Massachusetts Lottery launched the world’s first-ever instant ticket called “The Instant Game.” Now, players can try their luck with a similarly designed ticket, also called “The Instant Game.”

“Over the last 50 years, instant tickets have become a leading product for lotteries across the country, and it all started here in Massachusetts,” State Treasurer and Lottery Commission Chair Deborah B. Goldberg said. “The new retro ticket is a fun way to celebrate this milestone and to recognize the significance of the original ticket on the entire industry.”

The limited-edition ticket’s design echoes the colors and layout of the original $1 ticket from 1974. To call attention to the 50th anniversary milestone, the new $2 game also offers multiple “50 components,” including four top prizes of $50,000, a $50 bonus box, and is loaded with $50 prizes.

“With the creation of the first ever instant ticket, the Mass Lottery forever changed the course of the lottery industry,” Lottery Executive Director Mark William Bracken said in a press release. “We express our gratitude to our predecessors who were willing to take a chance on an innovative idea upon which we ultimately built our reputation as one of the most successful lotteries in the world.”

The very first “The Instant Game” was also ahead of its time for secondary opportunities to win, offering three monthly drawings and one Grand Prize Drawing for cash prizes. The new “The Instant Game” will also feature four Second Chance Drawings and one Final Bonus Drawing. Players can enter their non-winning tickets through the Lottery’s app or website for a chance at winning $50 to $500 in the Second Chance Drawings. Four winners will be randomly selected to participate in the Lottery’s live event where one player will win a $100,000 prize, and three players will each win $5,000.

“The Instant Game,” now available at Lottery retailers, is a key number match style game that has a “Winning Numbers” and “Your Numbers” play area, of which there are ten. If any of “Your Numbers” match the “Winning Numbers,” you win the corresponding prize amount. The $50 bonus box gives players a chance to instantly win $50.

The odds of winning any prize in the game are 1 in 4.56, and the overall prize payout is 74.95%.

In 2022, the Massachusetts Lottery also celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first-ever lottery drawing in a draw called “The Game.”

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News story photo(Click to display full-size in gallery)

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