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Posted on: March 10, 2022, 08:41h. 

Last updated on: March 10, 2022, 09:49h.

Ireland’s Central Criminal Court is currently overseeing the trial of a man who beat up another for his gambling winnings. What could have been a lesser crime became a murder charge after the man died as a result of his injuries.

Irish Police
Irish Police secure the scene of Ioan Artene Bob’s beating in 2018. The man who allegedly perpetrated the crime that led to his death is on trial for a second time. (Image: Irish Examiner)

Almost four years ago, what should have been a joyous time for Ioan Artene Bob turned vicious. The Romanian man was living in Ireland at the time and was wrapping up a successful night gambling. While he wasn’t finding the better life he had hoped, he had a short run of good luck at a local casino in Dublin.

Bob pocketed €2,700 (US$2,970) and went about his daily affairs. He sent much of the money back home to Romania and used some of it to party.

A few days later, a passer-by found his almost lifeless body in a park, beaten to just inches of his death. The man police say is responsible for that murder is now on trial.

Good Fortune Becomes the Worst Nightmare

Bob and Feri Anghel both ran in the same transient circles. On April 13, 2018, according to the Irish Times, the two were enjoying their freedom together. At some point, although the details are still sketchy, something went horribly wrong.

The two were seen together on various surveillance cameras. Mobile phone data also puts them in the same vicinity for hours. However, at some point, things got out of hand. The following morning, at around 7:45, a woman walking her dog came across Bob, a beaten and bloodied body that was unable to stand up or speak.

That woman, Marzana Jurzak, attempted to render assistance. She tried to find out what happened. Unable to speak, Bob could only gesture with his hand, holding up four fingers.

Other passers-by arrived and called the authorities. An ambulance took Bob to a local hospital. However, he later died from cardiac arrest. He would never be able to explain what the four fingers gesture meant or who had attacked him.

Prosecutors Convinced of Anghel’s Guilt

No one knows if Anghel participated in the attack, if he acted alone, or if he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He swears he’s innocent and that he had absolutely nothing to do with the heinous crime.

Prosecutors aren’t buying his story. The investigation that followed the death discovered that someone used Bob’s phone and bank card at several locations the night of the incident. They are positive that Anghel is that person.

Justice Paul Burns of Ireland’s Central Criminal Court is presiding over the case. A jury of four women and eight men are listening to both sides in order to, hopefully, offer their verdict.

This is the second time prosecutors have tried to pin the crime on Anghel. Although they presented irrefutable evidence in his trial last August (an ATM camera snapped him using Bob’s card the following day), a hung jury resulted in a dismissal.

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