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Through the games with the dealer in mind, whilst playing Texas Hold’em into the mix – this is where you are presented with Casino Hold’em.

Featuring no bluffing, intimidation by other players, and a focus on the dealer – utilize your skill and go all into Casino Hold’em – have you got what it takes?

What is Casino Hold’em?

Featuring a game similar to Texas Hold’em, however, there is one big difference between the game.

Similar to the other games which are featured on Global Poker, this is one of those that ensure that you don’t need to worry about bluffing or other players in the game – this is all because you’re not playing against other players, you’re playing against the house.

Involving skill, strategy, and luck, this is still involved with the game of Casino Hold’em so this means that you don’t need to be intimidated by other players – bringing your focus on beating the dealer!

In addition, making it the ideal game, if you already know about Texas Hold’em poker and know how to play the game – casino hold’em is perfect for you to be able to follow the rules!

What Are the Rules of Casino Hold’em?

Played with a standard 52-card deck, as it evolves with Texas Hold’em, the goal of casino hold’em is to produce the best five-card hand whilst using the combination of two-hole cards and five community cards.

For the hands of which you play within Casino Hold’em, they are similar to those played in Texas Hold’em. This means that if you’re familiar with Texas Hold’em hands – it’s safe to say that you’ve got the upper hand.

Texas Hold’em Hand Rankings

Across the different hands which you play within the game, these are the different hands and explanations:

Royal FlushAce, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 in the same suit
Straight FlushFive cards in the same suit, all in a rank sequence
Four of a KindFour cards of the same rank
Full HouseThree of a Kind and a Pair
FlushFive cards in the same suit
StraightFive cards in a rank sequence
Three of a KindThree cards of the same rank
Two PairTwo pairs of different rank
PairTwo cards of the same rank
High CardHighest card when no higher hand is available

When you start the game, this is when you start placing an ante amount, this is a force play that you need to make before the flop. In this stage, this is when both you and the dealer get two-hole cards each.

Then, once all the cards have been dealt with, this is when the flop begins with the three community cards. Following the flop, this is when two options are presented, they are:

  • Fold – remove your hand and wait for another round, forfeit your ante in the process
  • Raise – double your ante amount

If you call whilst amid the game, this skips to the next hand without revealing the remaining cards or the dealer’s hand. Whereas, when you call, the remaining two community cards are dealt, this brings the total to five community cards.

Once the five cards are revealed, this is when you’ll be able to see the outcome of the game. Both hands – yours and the dealers are revealed and scored according to the highest poker value of the two-hole cards and five community cards.

In casino hold’em, through qualifying, not only do you need a good hand, but so is the dealer. The dealer must qualify and have a hand with pair of fours or better.

To be able to win the game, if your hand beats the dealer, but the dealer doesn’t qualify, the ante will be rewarded based on your hand, and the raise will be returned to you.

Casino Hold'em

What Are the Payout Rewards for Global Poker Casino Hold’em?

As you play within Casino Hold’em on Global Poker, different poker hands determine the payout which you can receive if you win.

As this ranges from a Royal Flush which has an award of 100-1, all the way down to One pair or less which is presented with an award of 1-1, there are 9 variations of hands that present you with different levels of winnings.

Across the different hands, these are the potential awards you can get if you win the hand:

Royal Flush100-1
Straight Flush20-1
Four of a Kind10-1
Full House3-1
Three of a kind1-1
Two Pair1-1
One Pair or less1-1

Tips & Tricks for Beating Casino Hold’em

As you continue to indulge yourself in Casino Hold’em and increase your aim to beat the game, these are a few tips and tricks to utilize for your win!

If you take these tips and tricks into consideration in your strategy, these are some ways to be able to beat the game and gain more coins and experience.

Keep Your Ante Low

When you’re playing Casino Hold’em, you need to remember the actions you need to take in the future.

So, when you place your initial ante wager, you need to remember when you call you must stake a second bet worth two times. Through the different wagers which you place, these can add up quickly.

If you aren’t cautious about this, it can put a significant hole into your bankroll – you need to ensure that you’re careful. With this being said, it can be essential to keep your ante relatively low.

Call or Fold

Although, this might not be the case in all situations, following these rules may be an indication that brings you to be able to call or fold.

Starting with knowing when to call, there are a few situations in which know that you need to call. If you’re playing and you have a pair in your hand, if you have a king or ace, this is an indication that you should call.

In addition, when you have a queen or jack in your hand and there is no 3-card flush on the table which suit you don’t have, this is another place where you should call.

Another reason, this is when you have a flush or straight draw. Or when you have two cards that are higher than all the community cards, these are reasons to call from with your hand.

On the other hand, what is the reason when you should fold?

The time when you need to fold is based on your hand also. One of the times when you should fold is when you have a pair in the community cards, in addition to when you have a ten or less.

Where Can You Play Casino Hold’em?

If you know the skills of Texas Hold’em – yet you want to focus on beating the house – this is where you have the advantage to do so!

Make your way to beating the house on Global Poker – are you up for the challenge?

One aim, one focus – there is where you can beat the dealer and build your chips and experience within the Texas Hold’em focus but for Casino Hold’em.

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