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PokerNews is known throughout the world for our industry-leading live updates for both live and online events. In fact, right now we’re offering various updates right here.

Over the years, we’ve captured memorable hands, many of which have become a part of poker history. In this column, we will bring you some of the biggest hands of the week as reported in the PokerNews Live Updates. Last week, PokerNews was on-site at three events around the world:

Below are five of the biggest and most interesting hands captured by the PokerNews Team while live reporting those events.

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Vu Calls England With King-High

Timothy Vu
Timothy Vu

On Day 1a of the 2022 RGPS Jamul Casino $575 RunGood Main Event, it was Level 11 (1,000/2,000/2,000) when Timothy Vu raised under the fun and the player on the button called. MSPT Season 12 Player of the Year Kyna England, who was nominated for 2021 Breakout Player of the Year at the Global Poker Awards, came along from the big blind with the {k-Hearts}{7-Hearts} and it was three-way action to a flop of {10-Diamonds}{j-Hearts}{4-Spades}.

England checked and Vu continued with a bet, which inspired the player on the button to fold.

“I don’t remember the sizing but the way he threw the chips out I felt like he had nothing, so I called,” England would later tell PokerNews. That led to the {8-Diamonds} on the turn, which prompted another check from England.

Vu bet 10,000 and England sprung to life with a check-raised to 50,000. Vu had 67,000 behind and tanked for several minutes.

“I hadn’t really pulled any big bluffs all day and it seemed like a good spot based on his actions and the board texture.”

“It just felt like he didn’t have anything, I don’t know it’s hard to explain,” England shared. “I had played with him a bit and he was making big bets with really weak hands. I thought I could get him off of it … I hadn’t really pulled any big bluffs all day and it seemed like a good spot based on his actions and the board texture. I was trying to rep a straight on the turn.”

Vu eventually called and left himself 17,000 headed to the river, which was the {3-Hearts}. England followed through with the bluff by moving all in and Vu once again hit the tank. It appeared he didn’t have much of a hand, perhaps a missed draw of some sort.

Indeed, that was the case but with so much in the pot and so few chips left, Vu tossed in his chips to call with his {k-Spades}{q-Hearts} for a missed straight. He was understandably excited (he even did a victory lap around the table) to discover his king-queen barely edged out England’s king-seven to win the juicy pot.

After the hand, England admitted to what she believed was a crucial mistake – not properly assessing Vu’s stack.

“He was sitting right next to me though so I didn’t get a good look at his stack of gray chips, so based on how much he had, my sizing was kind of bad,” she said. “Probably if I check-raised to 35,000 [on the turn] and then jammed the river he would have had enough behind to still fold.”

As it was, Vu was fortunate enough to win one of the most interesting hands of the tournament.

Chung into Chip Lead After Audacious Float

Timothy Chung
Timothy Chung

In Level 31 (50,000/150,000/150,000) of the 2022 GUKPT London £1,250 Main Event, Timothy Chung looked down at the {8-Clubs}{7-Clubs} under the gun and raised to 240,000. He then called a three-bet from D A who made it 620,000 to go from the small blind with the {a-Clubs}{2-Clubs}.

The flop came {9-Hearts}{4-Hearts}{6-Clubs} and D A bet 425,000. Chung called.

The turn was the {q-Diamonds} and D A checked. Chung bet 550,000 and D A check-raised to 1.4 million. Chung flat-called and the river was the {7-Diamonds}.

Both players checked and Chung took down the pot with his rivered pair, moving into the chip lead after the biggest hand of the tournament up to that point.

Chung went on to top the 702-entry field to win the tournament for £185,560.

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Stewart Eliminates Hastings, Nearly Triples

Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart

On Day 1a of the 2022 bestbet Jacksonville Winter Series Open $2,000 NLH Main Event, it was Level 8 (500/1,000/1,000) when defending champ Scott Stewart raised to 2,700 from the button and a player in the small blind three-bet to 6,500. Brian Hastings four-bet shoved from the big blind for around 25,000 and Stewart five-bet shoved for around 40,000. The player in the small blind called with both players covered.

Brian Hastings: {10-Spades}{10-Hearts}
Scott Stewart: {a-Clubs}{k-Diamonds}
Small Blind: {a-Diamonds}{q-Diamonds}

The board ran out {j-Spades}{5-Diamonds}{k-Spades}{6-Diamonds}{j-Hearts} and a pair of kings was good enough for Stewart to eliminate Hastings and take the big pot.

Read About Scott Stewart’s 2021 win here!

Thomas Busts Defending Champ

Matt Thomas
Matt Thomas

On Day 1a of the 2022 bestbet Jacksonville Winter Series Open $2,000 NLH Main Event, it was Level 11 (1,000/2,000/2,000) when Matt Thomas took a moment with the PokerNews team to relay his clash with defending champ Scott Stewart.

Stewart raised to 3,000 from the button and Thomas flat-called from the big blind.

The flop came {j-}{7-}{4-} and Thomas checked. Stewart shoved and Thomas check-called, turning over {j-}{8-}. The champ had {a-}{a-} and Thomas needed some help.

The turn came {9-} and the river was {10-}, giving Thomas the runner-runner straight to knock Stewart out of Day 1a.

Slay Chips Way Up with Back-to-Back Aces

Kelley Slay
Kelley Slay

On Day 2 of the 2022 bestbet Jacksonville Winter Series Open $2,000 NLH Main Event, it was Level 18 (5,000/10,000/10,000) when Kelley Slay got a double and almost immediately was getting his chips right back into the middle.

Ryan Hohner raised to 22,000 from under the gun and Slay moved his stack in from the next seat over. Action folded around and Hohner tossed in chips for a call. Action was heads-up and Slay was at risk.

Kelley Slay: {a-Diamonds}{a-Spades}
Ryan Hohner: {10-Diamonds}{10-Hearts}

The board ran out {4-Diamonds}{6-Hearts}{3-Diamonds}{2-Spades}{9-Diamonds} and the aces held to secure Slay his second double in as many hands.

PokerNews was drawn back to the table almost immediately to find Cheryl Parker and Ed Buker all in with Slay as the caller with both players covered.

Cheryl Parker: {a-Hearts}{q-Hearts}
Ed Buker: {q-Spades}{q-Diamonds}
Kelley Slay: {a-Diamonds}{a-Clubs}

The board ran out {10-Spades}{7-Spades}{3-Diamonds}{k-Clubs}{4-Hearts} and the aces held once again to give Slay the double knockout. Parker exits the tournament as the Last Woman Standing and Slay goes from 60,000 to over 500,000 in the blink of an eye.

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