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The life of a tournament grinder can be a treacherous one. The calendar of festivals on online poker sites is increasingly hectic, especially on GGPoker where the World Series of Poker Online festival proceeded straight into the Mini MILLION$.

But that’s what players like Hristivoje “AllInPav” Pavlovic live for. Big fields, massive prize pools — and the chance of glory.

“GGPoker’s software is some of the best in the industry,” he told PokerNews. “It’s nice to have emotes, gif sending and SnapCam — but
I’ll always be drawn to the big fields and massive prize pools for the most part.”

By his own admission, Pavlovic admits that 2022 hasn’t been the best year results-wise but he did recently secure his best-ever result on GGPoker finishing second in the Bounty Hunters HR Main Event for $62,040.

Pavlovic Reels in His Biggest GGPoker Score

“I’ll likely have my first losing year in poker,” Pavlovic told PokerNews. “Almost every Sunday session I’ve played this year has been a losing one, so [to get this score] felt pretty great. I’ve had some horrendous results on the biggest day of the week, so this score definitely helps.”

“Getting this result on my first Sunday session post-surgery was really pleasing”

Pavlovic recently underwent jaw surgery and is also preparing for the arrival of a new baby daughter.

“I’ve only played probably a handful of times in the last six weeks, despite really wanting to,” he said. “The jaw aches, headaches and earaches have seen me quit sessions only a couple of hours in.

“Getting this result on my first Sunday session post-surgery was really pleasing.”

An experienced online poker player, Pavlovic isn’t letting the result go to his head. With the upcoming birth of his daughter, Pavlovic says that the overwhelming feeling after a big result like this is one of relief.

“Tournament grinders lose ~75% of their sessions so the swings can last a pretty long time. But I do tend to be more motivated when I’m losing. After a big win, it’s nice to take a couple of days off and let it soak in, but big results are usually more of a relief [than motivation].

“I am really looking forward to my baby girl being born over the next three weeks.”

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