Australian Mom Heads to Jail for Embezzling from Employers to Fuel Gambling High Life

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Posted on: March 9, 2022, 05:52h. 

Last updated on: March 9, 2022, 05:52h.

A woman in Australia will spend the next few years behind bars as she contemplates where she took a wrong turn. Over the course of several years, she embezzled money from several employers to lead a lavish gambling lifestyle.

Lisa Trison
Lisa Trison in an undated photo as she makes a court appearance. The Australian swindler will be in prison for at least the next four years on charges of embezzlement. (Image: PerthNow)

Lisa Trison is, once again, saying goodbye to her family. Previous experiences with the penal system didn’t teach her a lesson, but a judge hopes this time will be different. Trison swiped almost AU$312,000 (US$228,000) from employers and will have about six years behind bars to consider her actions.

Embezzling Gambler Heads to Jail

Trison’s latest improprieties began in 2018 when, according to The Australian, she launched a side hustle as an employee at Advance Records Management (ARM). It didn’t last long, as the company let her go after just four months, but it was long enough. During that time, she stole $95,000 (US$69,900).

The con artist tried to cover up her actions, but failed. However, ARM didn’t catch on right away. Instead, it let her go for her organizational ineptitude. That disorganization was actually a ruse to try to hide what she was doing.

Later, when the company realized what happened, it went after Trison in court. However, she didn’t receive jail time for her escapades. Instead, she was out on bail.

Trison also served a short stint as a clerk with a timber company in 2019. There, too, she looked to game the system. She forged refunds in order to pocket the money, taking in around $17,000 (US$12,400).

The following year, she secured another job. She must have thought it was the perfect opportunity, as the Geelong Arts Centre contracted her as, of all things, its bookkeeper. In 2020, however, it all fell apart after the organization discovered she had syphoned off $200,000 (US$146,000).

The money she stole allowed Trison to live a life of luxury. She spent the money on vacations, gambling, drugs, expensive clothes, purses and more.

Unbreakable Cycle

Trison reportedly came to her dishonest lifestyle honestly. Her father was reportedly a scammer, although not a good one, either. He, too, landed in jail when his daughter was young. It was there that he spent his final days.

By then, Trison had already learned a few tricks. She was part of a $500,000 fraud scheme in the early part of the decade. Then, in 2008, police sent her to jail for three years. After walking away free, she landed back in prison in 2015 for unspecified offenses.

Trison’s “repetitive and relenting dishonesty,” as the judge put it, had to be brought to an end. After it all came to a screeching halt when police finally picked her up in 2020, a judge handed her a six-year, two-month sentence today. She has already spent 471 days in jail and will be eligible for parole after four and a half years.

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