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Posted on: March 15, 2022, 09:45h. 

Last updated on: March 15, 2022, 09:45h.

The provinces of Buenos Aires and Chubut have already given iGaming its place in the larger gambling ecosystem. The province of La Pampa could be next after local officials gathered to talk about the possibility over the weekend.

Casino Club La Pampa
Casino Club in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, Argentina. The casino is discussing with local authorities the possibility of launching online gaming in the province. (Image: Impacto Castex)

Argentina continues to see increased interest in the development of legal online gaming. A couple of provinces, after a slow start, now have their own markets progressing.

Another could soon join the group, as well. Officials with various gaming organizations in La Pampa met this past weekend to set the stage for a possible step forward with iGaming.

La Pampa Shows iGaming Interest

Buenos Aires got the ball rolling in Argentina. The city that shares its name with the province started working toward legal online gaming years ago. It went against the grain, finding a way to legalize the activity even as the country was showing resistance to the idea.

Since then, more iGaming markets have arrived. Recently, the provinces of Cordoba and Chubut added their names to the list. In La Pampa this past weekend, members of the Argentine Federation of Chambers of Lottery Agents, Quinielas and Related, a delegation of the Social Security Institute (ISS) and the Directorate of Financial Aid for Social Action (DAFAS, for its Spanish acronym) met with representatives of casino operator Casino Club to discuss online gambling.

The meeting took place on Sunday within the framework of the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assemblies of the Pampas Chamber of Official Agents of Quiniela. Although the group hasn’t shared the topics they discussed at the meeting, details will be provided later this week.

In February, DAFAS reported that last year, gambling in the province reached a total turnover of AR$2.8 billion (US$26.3 million) in the 103 official authorized agencies, along with the Casino Club (Canon and online). The agency, which depends on the ISS, had sales of $2.16 billion (US$20 million) in the Quiniela, a game similar to a betting pool. It also reported $207 million (US$1.9 million) in Quini 6 and Brinco, similar to lottery draws. It also had $114.7 million (US$1 million) in the televised bingo game Telebingo pampeano.

Chubut Joins the iGaming Frenzy

Chubut launched iGaming on March 7, making it the most recent province to join the growing list. In Argentina, each province determines its stance on the regulation of online casinos and bookmakers. Although not all of them have begun with the work to legalize these websites, more and more provinces are showing interest.

They realized that the digital move was something necessary for casinos, especially after they spent more than a year shut down due to COVID-19. Having national casinos on the web could help the operators and the government increase their revenue for social assistance, hospitals, education and more.

Luis María Aguirre, the president of Chubut’s Social Assistance Institute, explained that the Chubut Lottery would continue to expand its content. It will add the option of online casinos to the gaming proposals already available in the province. He added that the new modality presented in the province will allow complete mobile access to online gaming platforms.

Any game present in a physical casino can have its equivalent in the online realm. This includes roulette, poker, blackjack and slots. There are controls in place, however, including the requirement that gambling sites use the domain.

With this extension, it is easy for users to know which websites are safe. It could also deliver a blow to illegal sites that don’t offer any protections.

Since April 2021, there had been talk that online casinos would arrive in Chubut. However, the work to achieve it took a year. This is similar to what other provinces have needed, as well. With that being the case, it could take La Pampa a year to introduce its market.

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